DIY Tips: Blackpak Divider

I am somewhat of a neat freak —  ok, I’m OCD. I prefer my things to be in order. My house, my truck, my office, my kayak fishing. I cannot stand having to fumble around to find stuff on my kayak while out fishing. I picked up a used YakAttack® Blackpak from a friend of mine a while back and noticed it was missing a key feature: Dividers.

I reached out to Luther Cifers, President of YakAttack®, LLC and asked if a divider existed. He promptly replied no but did mention that topic has come up several times and that he would re-surface the idea during one of his next product development meetings. I tinkered around with a few DIY ideas (kitchen cutting board, plexiglass) but none of those items fulfilled my OCD-ness to develop a compact, sturdy and functional divider for the interior. So I decided to trim down a wood plank to size and create my own, for now. I won’t take the time to provide you with step by step instructions since the build is pretty straight forward and simple.



Overall, I am pleased with how it turned out. I opted to create 1 larger section to hold my Plano boxes and plastics and 2 smaller sections to hold other miscellaneous items like sunscreen, bug spray and fishing line. You can obviously customize yours to fit your on the water needs.


Founded in a garage in 2009, YakAttack® has quickly grown into a leader in the kayak fishing industry. The company specializes in kayak fishing gear and kayak rigging, and as kayak anglers that are tightly integrated into the kayak fishing community, Luther and his team are acutely aware of what this sport needs. Their designs are always problem solving solutions that are relevant, effective, and second to none in terms of quality and performance.

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