Saturday Pond Hoppin’

Strong winds caused Casey and I to postpone our planned trip out to Lake Fork this weekend.  Wind gusts up to 30mph and a 65 lb kayak don’t mix well.  We pond hopped instead.  Upon arriving at our second pond of the morning, we stumbled upon a teenager and quickly began conversation.  You see, he had a very unusual method of fishing.  Hot dog buns and meatballs, no rod and reel, just a free spool of line.  Very primitive.  He chummed the shoreline and quickly, several large catfish began feasting.

Casey immediately threw out his 1 weight TFO Finesse series fly rod and less than a minute later, his reel began screaming.  Oh what joy.  What a sensation.  If you ever get the chance to hook up with a 5 lb catfish on a tiny 1wt fly rod, you know what I’m talking about.

A few minutes later, I did the same.  Threw out the 1wt and presto, big ole kitty.

A few more bass were caught throughout the morning.  Casey fly fished, I dusted off the old baitcasters.  I left my fly rods at home since I didn’t really care to battle the winds all morning.




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