2014 Jackson Kilroy

This is my 4th kayak since June 2012.  Crazy I know.  I’d be the first to admit, I have made some impulse buys in the past.  Bought into the hot brand, bought into the flavor of the month without fully understanding and realizing my needs and wants.  After months of research, taking demo’s and talking with friends within the kayak fishing community, I realized I was most comfortable in a SINK (sit-in-kayak).  Yes I realize SINK’s do not self bail but I love sitting in a cockpit and being close to the water line.

As a true sit-in-kayak, the 2014 Jackson Kilroy keeps you high and dry.  I paired it with a 250cm AquaBound Manta Ray Carbon paddle.  Likely one of my favorite features of the Kilroy are the inside the hull rod tube holders.  Each side can hold 2 rods easily.  I was impressed I could store my 10′ fly rods with ease.

What it comes with:

  • Elite JK hi/lo seat, with new underside pocket
  • Elite Seat Pouch
  • (4) 8″ YakAttack Geartracks
  • RAM Rod Holders (I replaced these with 2 RAM Fly Rod Holders)
  • (2) YakAttack 1.5″ Screwballs
  • GoPro Mount
  • Stand Assist Strap
  • JK safety flag
  • JK Nalgene water bottle
  • JK Sticker
  • JK adjustable/removable lumbar support (probably my favorite feature)
  • Hard Deck Cover
  • Soft Deck Cover

I’d like to thank the following folks for their help in this process.  All of these guys were extremely helpful, whether it was taking demo’s or answering questions.  It’s great to know that our kayak fishing community is filled with stand up guys like them.

  1. Mark Palovik
  2. Dave Lindo
  3. Rick Wallace
  4. Dave Hull
  5. Dave Potts
  6. Mike Stovall
  7. Cody Carpenter
  8. Dan Wallace
  9. Joe Davis
  10. Jerry Hamon
  11. Chris Payne



  1. Chris Payne says:

    Looks good! Congrats!


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