The Sabine River

The Sabine River above Toledo Bend is known as one of Texas’ premiere white bass spawning runs.  East Texas gets a lot more rain than other regions of the state.  Rivers like the Sabine, Neches and Trinity are full and healthy.


Most whites were hitting on white and chart clousers, 1/4 oz Road Runners and small rattle traps for the spin rods.  We all caught a good number of big females, all in the 2 to 3 pound range.  We didn’t slay ’em in numbers but the fishing was steady throughout the weekend with quality fish at the end of our lines.

IMG_5392Some of the biggest sand bass I’ve ever caught

015Casey striking a pose!


Landon with a fatty


Fish on!

028Dave looks happy





There were 8 of us total and somehow I failed to capture photos of Robert and Matt.  Sorry about that guys.  In all, we managed at least 10 to 12 fish each on Saturday.  We put in our kayaks right at first sun and fished until dark.  We’d paddle to the bends in the river, beach, then wade from the sand bars.  Most fish were sitting on bottom after the drop offs.


Sure was nice to get these off at the end of the day.


  1. Alan says:

    Great job on the whites they were huge. ..may I ask where a good place is to put in? Also were there any places to bank fish without a kayak? Thanks


    • Look up River Ridge campgrounds. That’s where we stayed. You can dish from the bank right off camp. But to hit different shoals you’ll need a kayak or boat. You can still catch a lot of fish off the bank at River Ridge. Look on the Texas Fishing Forums for more info. My Sabine post report is on there as well as others. Lots of useful info there.


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