The Sandbass Spawn

Most of us living in Texas look forward to the annual white bass run in early Spring.  I certainly do.  My Spring fishing usually begins right about now…late Feb/early March.  I will fish most of the Spring targeting white bass.


White bass, or sand bass, seldom weigh more than two or three pounds.  They make up for their small size with sheer numbers.  Hundreds of thousands of them migrate up rivers, streams and creeks between January and May in their annual spawning runs.  The males are first, females not far behind.  Along the way they feed ravenously.


These fish are very easy to catch.  One can certainly fish one section of the creek and not move and bring in over 20 fish.  White bass will densely school together in staging areas before spawning.  Easy fishing.


This past Saturday, Evan, Casey, Ben and I fly fished one of the many creeks that feed into Lake Lewisville.  We fished one deep section of the creek the entire day.  There wasn’t really a need to move.  We lost count after a few hours.  At one point, Casey hooked up on 5 consecutive casts.  We threw clousers, white with chart, white with blue, a little flash here and there.  A perfect Saturday.  Just a bunch of laid back fly fisherman catching fish, sharing stories, taking pictures and screaming at random branches and twigs that caught our lines.


Casey playing with his fish


Evan being goofy on a hook up

IMG_5317Casey and I doubled up


  1. fz says:

    Way cool! Thanx 4 sharing this with us. -Zombie


  2. Man oh man. I need to get some fishin in, but this cold weather is keeping me indoors!


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