Nucanoe Frontier 10 Mods

I’ve added a few simple modifications on my new Frontier 10 since picking it up a week and a half ago.  We all enjoy rigging out and adding accessories but I was careful not to over do it this time.  In the past, I’ve wasted a lot of money, time and effort on adding accessories that I ended up not using much.  Not only a waste of money and time but having exposed unused holes in your kayak for unused accessories isn’t fun.  I prefer to keep the rigging simple, with only essential accessories.


DIY Retractable Anchor System

I had this anchor system on my Coosa.  The Big Game Magna lift is secured with zip ties to the pad eyes on the stern of the boat.  The paracord runs through the pre-installed zig zag cleat and an 8 lb mushroom anchor is tied off at the end.  The Magna lift allows for easy management of excess anchor line.  It’s retractable like a dog leash.  Simple yet effective.

F10mod (18) F10mod (20)

DIY Cup Holder

I picked a cheap cup holder at Academy for $2.99.  I drilled a few holes on the bottom of the cup, 3 for screws and nuts and 1 for drainage.  The cup is attached to a Ram mount plate which is attached with a 1″ screwball to the Frontier’s Freedom Track.  I chose to place the cup holder slightly behind me to keep it out of the way.  Again, simple yet effective.

F10mod (15)Fish Finder Installation

Not much went into this installation.  Placed battery box and transducer in hull, drilled 3 holes front left and ran FF wires through.  Garmin finder is secured to the track via Ram mount.

F10mod (8) F10mod (7)DIY Rod Holder

I purchased a Ram fly rod holder but ended up returning it the other day.  The clamps were too tight and it got in the way of stripped fly line.  I had multiple tangles this past Sunday.  I picked up some foam and simply cut it down to size then secured it to the deck via marine goop.  Easy on off method for the fly rod.

F10mod (11)

Finishing touch:  Florida Gators decal on the back of the seat.

F10mod (9)


  1. Very nice and clean mods James.


  2. That’s a nice idea on the foam block! Clever clever.


  3. […] Cheap and easy to build, a DIY kayak anchor is a great solution to messing with rope spilling over your deck and getting tangled. I’ve seen some other DIY kayak anchors that use retractable clotheslines, retractable dog leashes and a hunting stand lift. […]


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