Father’s Day Weekend Fishin’

A few of us were able to get out to South Lake in Farmersville, Texas on Saturday morning.  We were on the water by 6:45am, just in time for the morning top water bite.  It was very humid from the overnight storms but the cloud cover was a nice break from the Texas sun.  Winds were calm for most of the morning.

I started out fishing the NE corner of the lake, throwing my good ole hula popper in pockets of water clear of the heavy vegetation.  I ended up with 5 on the day, 3 on the hula popper and 2 on a drop shot finesse worm.  Nothing of any size, but I wasn’t complaining.  Also had several misses on the frog.  Nothing like that top water surface explosion.  We were off the water by 11am.

After South Lake and a quick bite at Whataburger, I headed over to my ponds to close out the day.  I ended up fishing til 4pm and left em biting.  I lost count after # 12.  They couldn’t resist the dual drop shot worm setup I was using.  I alternated between zoom watermelon red finesse worm and green pumpkin trick worm.  I almost exclusively fish worms Texas rigged but on this day, the drop shot technique was very efficient and very fun.  Probably not anything new but I tied 2 #6 hooks/worms on the drop shot about 12” apart from one another.  Two worms = double your chances, right?

1Fathers Day Fishing (2)Fathers Day Fishing (5)Fathers Day Fishing (2)Fathers Day Fishing (4)Fathers Day Fishing (1)

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  1. Joe king ( CudaDude) says:

    Photos are great.


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