Jackson Coosa DIY Anchor

Having to manage 30 feet of anchor rope on a 12 foot kayak, while managing 3 fishing poles in 15 mph winds isn’t easy.  I needed an efficient and easy anchor system that required minimal upkeep while on the water.  A system that would automatically manage the excess anchor rope.  After some tips from fellow kayakers and searching the web for ideas, I decided to develop a dual anchor system.  One off the bow, the other off the stern.

Many kayakers use the retractable dog leash mechanism as their anchor system.  It’s easy to use and the retractable feature of the dog leash keeps all excess rope neatly into place.  Problem is the dog leash only offers 16 feet of actual rope length, which won’t allow for any deep water fishing.  Over time, the spring mechanisms will most likely fail as well.  I found these Manga treestand lifts as a solution.  They offer 30 feet of rope and are made to lift weapons and other heavy equipment to and from treestands, so they’re very durable.  The plastic casing is super strong and they’re retractable, like the dog leash.

I simply inserted each lift in each side handle slot and secured them with heavy duty zip ties.  I riveted 2 zig zag cleats to each side of my kayak and ran the rope through pre-installed pad eyes.  The left anchor runs to the stern, the right anchor runs to the bow.  I use 5 lb neoprene dumbbells as anchors; they work just fine.

I’ve tested this method several times and so far I am very pleased with its performance.  No more messy excess anchor rope to manage.  Just deploy both sides, secure rope to cleat and fish.  To pull the anchors up, simply remove rope from cleat, pull in anchor rope, secure to cleat and you’re off.

Magna Anchor (2)

Magna Anchor (3)

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