New Tacoma & Coosa

The most recent news in my world has been the addition of 2 new toys.  2013 Toyota Tacoma and 2012 Jackson Coosa.  I test drove the Ford F150 several times, but felt it was a little too large for me.  I preferred a smaller/mid-size truck that wasn’t too terrible on gas.  I knew this was going to be my truck the moment I saw it.  The 7” lift and upgraded wheels & tires were hard to ignore.  My Taco has been a major upgrade for kayak transport as well.  Slide the yak in the bed, strap it in and I’m off.  Needless to say, I’m very happy with my new truck.

I sold my Native Watercraft Redfish12 a few months ago.  I’d been in the market for a new kayak for quite some time.  Conveniently, one of my friend’s had a 2012 Jackson Coosa in urban camo for sale.  I absolutely loved it and bought it 2 days later.  It tracks well, maneuvers with precision and is super stable.

photo 1Coosa333

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