Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area (LLELA)

TPWD stocks trout in the winter at LLELA.  Evan, Chris and I were ready to fish by 7am, waders and all.  This was the first time I’d left all my traditional gear at home.  Today was all about fly fishing.  Oddly, we weren’t able to sight cast for any trout, so we began targeting carp.  I was first to hook up…a small LMB off #6 olive wooly bugger.  Evan soon followed with a small crappie.  Chris rounded out the morning with a nice sized carp caught on believe it or not… corn kernels.  Call it cheating but fish were finicky and we were desperate to catch something.  Chris had brought in 4 total carp, all caught on corn.  I’d never seen a 6 lb carp being caught on a fly rod before, I was impressed.

Around 10am, the bite tapered off and the temps began to quickly drop.  By 10:15am the rain really started coming down; our cue to pack it in.


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