North Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Club Tournament

My alarm went off at 2:50am on Saturday Aug 11th.  Meeting point was at the Dairy Queen parking lot at 4:45am in Decatur, Texas.  Decatur.  Wise County.  Way west of Denton, Texas.  Out in the middle of nowhere.  An hour and 20 minute drive from home.  I was on the road by 3:15am.  My wife calls me crazy but what can I say, I’m a dedicated fisherman.  It’s a very different feeling if you’re waking up at 3am to go fish vs. waking up at 3am to head out of town on a business trip.  I was wide awake and very excited.

The parking lot was packed when I pulled up.  At least 25 guys.  Yak fleet.  Plastic Navy.  All there to fish and to have a good time.  This was my first official kayak bass tournament and I have to admit, I was a little intimidated with its formality.  Each angler received an index card used as a photo identifier.  Weigh-in was at 1:30pm sharp.  Tardiness would’ve cost you inches on your total length.  You were graded by the total length of the 5 biggest bass you catch.  We fished the LBJ Grasslands. I ended up with 5 total (limit), totaling 50.75”.  Not a bad finish for my first ever tourney.  I was happy just to limit.  The winner totaled just under 90”.  The same guy won big bass as well (20”).  My first official North Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Club Tournament was in the books.

Bass ClubDecatur Fish4Clear Lake

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