Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

After a few days of relaxation on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, I booked a fishing charter with one of the locals.  Our day started at 6am.  After fueling and catching bait, we were on our way.  Roosterfish is the most sought after species in Cabo, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to hook up with one.  After 30 minutes and roughly 10 miles off shore, we stumbled upon hundreds of schools of feeding manta ray’s.  When they feed, they jump several feet out of the water and belly flop on the way down.  Pretty neat to watch.  We threw out an artificial lure and we hooked up just minutes later.  The Captain quickly handed me the rod, thrilled, I quickly began reeling.  She was strong.  Heavy.  Pull the rod up, reel in, pull the rod up, reel in, pull the rod up, reel in.  I must’ve done this for 45 minutes.  I was dead tired.  Biceps were on fire.  Finally, she surfaced.  A 60 lb manta ray.  What an exhilarating feeling and sense of accomplishment.

Manta RayManta Ray2

After some much needed rest and a cold one, we moved on to a different spot and I was able to hook up with a 40 lb kingfish while trolling.  She didn’t fight as hard as the manta ray but was still fun to catch nonetheless.  My first saltwater fishing charter.  Definitely an exhilarating and rewarding experience.



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